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LG Magic TV Remote Control AN-MR650A



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LG Magic TV Remote Control AN-MR650A
Universal standard replacement remote control for AN-MR650A
Compatible Models:43UJ6500, 43UJ6500, 43UJ6560, 43UJ6560, 49UJ6500, 49UJ6500, 49UJ6560, 49UJ7700, 55SJ8000, 55SJ8500, 55UJ6520, 55UJ6540, 55UJ6540, 55UJ6580, 55UJ7700, 60SJ8000, 60UJ6540, 60UJ7700, 65SJ8000, 65SJ8500, 65SJ850A, 65SJ9500, 65UJ6520, 65UJ6540, 65UJ6580, 65UJ7700, 70UJ6520, 70UJ6570, 70UJ657A, 75SJ8570, 75SJ857A, 75UJ6450, 75UJ6470, 75UJ6520, 75UJ657A, OLED55B7A, OLED55B7P, OLED55C7P, OLED65B7A, OLED65B7P, OLED65C7P, UJ6560