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LG Dryer Side Vent 383EEL9001L



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LG Dryer Side Vent 383EEL9001L
LG Dryer vent kit includes elbow and ducts for side venting. To prevent long drying times, LG recommends that you check the dryer vent system once a year for obstructions. Be sure and clean the dryer lint filter before each load.
Compatible Models: DLEX7700KE, DLEX7700VE, DLEX7700WE, DLEX7710VE, DLEX7710WE, DLEX8000V, DLEX8000W, DLEX8100V, DLEX8100W, DLEX8500V, DLEX8500W, DLEX9000V, DLEX9000W, DLEX9500K, DLEX9500V, DLEX9500W, DLGX7701KE, DLGX7701VE, DLGX7701WE, DLGX7711VE, DLGX7711WE, DLGX8001W, DLGX8101W, DLGX8501V, DLGX8501W, DLGX9001V, DLGX9001W, DLGX9501K, DLGX9501V, DLGX9501W