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LG Refrigerator Door Gasket 4987JJ2002P



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LG Refrigerator Door Gasket 4987JJ2002P
Replacement refrigerator door gasket for LG refrigerators. The door gasket is installed on the inner panel of the refrigerator door to seal cold air inside. If not installed properly could cause warmer air from outside the refrigerator to leak into the refrigerator increasing the inside temperature.
Compatible Models:LFC25760TT, LFC25770SW, LFC25776SW, LFD25860TT, LFX25950SW, LFX25950TT, LFX25960SW, LFX25960TT, LFX25961SW, LFX25971SW, LFX25975SW, LFX28977SW, LMC25780SW, LMC25785SW, LMX25981SW, LMX25984SW, LMX25985SW