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LG AC Remote Control AKB73016012



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LG AC Remote Control AKB73016012
Replacement remote control for LG window and thru the wall air conditioners.
Compatible Models:LT0816CER, LT0816CER, LT1016CER, LT1016CER, LT1016CER, LT1036CER, LT1036CER, LT1036CER, LT1037HNR, LT1037HNR, LT1216CER, LT1216CER, LT1236CER, LT1236CER, LT1237HNR, LT1237HNR, LW1016ER, LW1016ER, LW1016ER, LW1016ER, LW1017ERSM, LW1017ERSM, LW1017ERSM, LW1017ERSM, LW1216ER, LW1216ER, LW1216ER, LW1216ER, LW1216ER, LW1216ER, LW1216HR, LW1216HR, LW1216HR, LW1216HR, LW1217ERSM, LW1217ERSM, LW1217ERSM, LW1217ERSM, LW1516ER, LW1516ER, LW1516ER, LW1516ER, LW1516ER, LW1816ER, LW1816ER, LW1816ER, LW1816ER, LW1816ER, LW2516ER, LW2516ER, LW2516ER, LW2516ER, LW2516ER, LW6016R, LW6016R, LW6016R, LW6016RY6, LW6017R, LW6018ER, LW8016ER, LW8016ER, LW8016ER, LW8016ER, LW8016ER, LW8016HR, LW8016HR, LW8016HR, LW8016HR, LW8017ERSM, LW8017ERSM, LW8017ERSM, LW8018ER