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LG AC Remote Control AKB74955602



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LG AC Remote Control AKB74955602
Replacement remote control for LG air conditioners.
Compatible Models:LAN090HSV4, LAN090HSV5, LAN090HYV, LAN090HYV1, LAN120HSV2, LAN120HSV4, LAN120HSV5, LAN120HYV, LAN120HYV1, LAN150HYV2, LAN180HSV4, LAN180HSV5, LAN180HYV1, LAN180HYV2, LAN240HSV2, LAN240HSV3, LAN240HYV1, LMN079HVT, LMN159HVT, LMN249HVT, LSN090HEV1, LSN090HSV4, LSN090HSV5, LSN120HEV1, LSN120HSV4, LSN120HSV5, LSN121HSV3, LSN180HEV1, LSN180HSV4, LSN180HSV5, LSN181HSV3, LSN240HEV1, LSN240HLV, LSN243HLV, LSN243HLV, LSN300HLV, LSN303HLV, LSN360HLV, LSN363HLV