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LG Dryer Motor Assembly 4681EL1008A



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LG Dryer Motor Assembly 4681EL1008A
Replacement motor for LG dryers. Always unplug the unit before performing replacement part installation.
Compatible Models:DLE0442, DLE1001, DLE1101, DLE1310, DLE2050, DLE2101, DLE2140, DLE2240, DLE2250, DLE2301, DLE2350, DLE2514, DLE2516, DLE2601, DLE2701, DLE3050, DLE3170, DLE3180, DLE3300, DLE3500, DLE3733, DLE3777, DLE4870, DLE4901, DLE4970, DLE5070, DLE5955, DLE5977, DLE7050, DLE7100, DLE7177, DLE7200, DLE8377, DLE9577, DLEX2450, DLEX2501, DLEX2550, DLEX2650, DLEX2655, DLEX2801, DLEX2901, DLEX3001, DLEX3070, DLEX3250, DLEX3360, DLEX3370, DLEX3470, DLEX3550, DLEX3570, DLEX3650, DLEX3700, DLEX3875, DLEX3885, DLEX3900, DLEX4070, DLEX4270, DLEX4370, DLEX5000, DLEX5005, DLEX5170, DLEX5175, DLEX5680, DLEX5780, DLEX6001, DLEX7600, DLEY1201, DLEY1701, DLEY1901, DLG0452, DLG1002, DLG1102, DLG1320, DLG2051, DLG2102, DLG2141, DLG2241, DLG2251, DLG2302, DLG2351, DLG2511, DLG2526, DLG2602, DLG2702, DLG3051, DLG3171, DLG3181, DLG3501, DLG3744, DLG3788, DLG4802, DLG4871, DLG4902, DLG4971, DLG5071, DLG5966, DLG5988, DLG7051, DLG7101, DLG7188, DLG7201, DLG8388, DLG9588, DLGX2451, DLGX2502, DLGX2551, DLGX2651, DLGX2656, DLGX2802, DLGX2902, DLGX3002, DLGX3071, DLGX3251, DLGX3361, DLGX3371, DLGX3471, DLGX3551, DLGX3571, DLGX3651, DLGX3701, DLGX3876, DLGX3886, DLGX3901, DLGX4071, DLGX4271, DLGX4371, DLGX5001, DLGX5006, DLGX5171, DLGX5176, DLGX5681, DLGX5781, DLGX6002, DLGX7601, DLGY120, DLGY1202, DLGY1702, DLGY1902, DLHX4072