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LG Dryer Gas Valve 5221EL2002A



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LG Dryer Gas Valve 5221EL2002A
Replacement gas valve for LG dryers The valve controls the supply of gas to the burners. Always unplug the unit before performing replacement part installation.
Compatible Models:DLG0452G, DLG0452W, DLG1002F, DLG1002W, DLG1102W, DLG1320W, DLG1502W, DLG2051W, DLG2102W, DLG2141W, DLG2241W, DLG2251W, DLG2302R, DLG2302W, DLG2351R, DLG2351W, DLG2511W, DLG2526W, DLG2602R, DLG2602W, DLG2702V, DLG3051W, DLG3171W, DLG3181W, DLG3501W, DLG3744D, DLG3744S, DLG3744U, DLG3744W, DLG3788W, DLG4802W, DLG4871W, DLG4902W, DLG4971W, DLG4971WE, DLG5002W, DLG5071W, DLG5966G, DLG5966W, DLG5988W, DLG7051V, DLG7101W, DLG7188RM, DLG7188WM, DLG7201VE, DLG7201WE, DLG8388NM, DLG8388WM, DLG9588SM, DLG9588WM, DLGX2451R, DLGX2502V, DLGX2502W, DLGX2551R, DLGX2551W, DLGX2651R, DLGX2651W, DLGX2656V, DLGX2802L, DLGX2802R, DLGX2802W, DLGX2902V, DLGX3002P, DLGX3002R, DLGX3002W, DLGX3071R, DLGX3071W, DLGX3251R, DLGX3251V, DLGX3251W, DLGX3361R, DLGX3361V, DLGX3361W, DLGX3371R, DLGX3371V, DLGX3371W, DLGX3471V, DLGX3471W, DLGX3551V, DLGX3551W, DLGX3571V, DLGX3571W, DLGX3651V, DLGX3701R, DLGX3701V, DLGX3701W, DLGX3876V, DLGX3876W, DLGX3886C, DLGX3886W, DLGX3901K, DLGX3901W, DLGX4071V, DLGX4071W, DLGX4271V, DLGX4271W, DLGX4371K, DLGX4371W, DLGX5001V, DLGX5001W, DLGX5006K, DLGX5102V, DLGX5102W, DLGX5171V, DLGX5171W, DLGX5176W, DLGX5681V, DLGX5681VE, DLGX5681W, DLGX5681WE, DLGX5781VE, DLGX5781WE, DLGX6002V, DLGX7601KE, DLGX7601VE, DLGX7601WE, DLGX7701KE, DLGX7701VE, DLGX7701WE, DLGX7711VE, DLGX7711WE, DLGX8001V, DLGX8001W, DLGX8101V, DLGX8101W, DLGX8501V, DLGX8501W, DLGX9001V, DLGX9001W, DLGX9501K, DLGX9501V, DLGX9501W, DLGY1202V, DLGY1202W, DLGY1702V, DLGY1702VE, DLGY1702W, DLGY1702WE, DLGY1902KE, DLGY1902WE

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