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LG Dryer Heating Element Assembly 5301EL1001J



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LG Dryer Heating Element Assembly 5301EL1001J
Replacement heating element for LG dryers. Clothes are dried from the heat generated by the heating element. Requires 240 volts and generates 5,400 watts of heat. Part 5301EL1001J replaces original heating element part 5301EL1001E. Always unplug the unit before performing replacement part installation.
Compatible Models:DLE2050W, DLE2250W, DLE2301R, DLE2301W, DLE2350R, DLE2350W, DLE2601R, DLE2601W, DLE2701V, DLE3050W, DLE3170W, DLE3300W, DLE5955W, DLEX2450R, DLEX2550R, DLEX2550W, DLEX2650R, DLEX2650W, DLEX2655V, DLEX2801L, DLEX2801R, DLEX2801W, DLEX2901V, DLEX3001P, DLEX3001R, DLEX3001W, DLEX3250R, DLEX3250V, DLEX3250W, DLEX3360R, DLEX3360V, DLEX3360W, DLEX3370R, DLEX3370V, DLEX3370W, DLEX3550V, DLEX3550W, DLEX3650V, DLEX3700R, DLEX3700V, DLEX3700W, DLEX3875V, DLEX3875W, DLEX3885C, DLEX3885W, DLEX4070V, DLEX4070W, DLEX4270V, DLEX4270W, DLEX4370K, DLEX4370W, DLEX5000V, DLEX5000W, DLEX5005K, DLEX7700KE, DLEX7700VE, DLEX7700WE, DLEX7710VE, DLEX7710WE, DLEX8000V, DLEX8000W, DLEX8100V, DLEX8100W, DLEX8500V, DLEX8500W, DLEX9000V, DLEX9000W, DLEX9500K, DLEX9500V, DLEX9500W