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LG Washer Drive Shaft AEN73131403



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LG Washer Drive Shaft AEN73131403
Replacement drive shaft for LG top load washers. The drive shaft and shift assembly controls the agitate and spin wash cycles. Always unplug the unit before performing replacement part installation.
Compatible Models:WT1150CW, WT1201CV, WT1201CW, WT1301CV, WT1301CW, WT1501CW, WT1701CV, WT1701CW, WT1801HVA, WT1801HWA, WT1901CK, WT1901CW, WT4870CW, WT4901CW, WT4970CW, WT5070CV, WT5070CW, WT5075CW, WT5170HW, WT5270CW, WT5480CW, WT5680HVA, WT5680HWA, WT7200CW, WT7500CW, WT7600HKA, WT7600HVA, WT7600HWA